Out-of-Market Deposits

Mutual Savings Association is a community based financial institution. Our mission is to provide credit, deposit and other needed financial services to consumers living in and entities doing business within our natural market area. Therefore, it is Mutual’s policy not to accept new deposit accounts, or continue to service existing accounts, from individuals, businesses or other organizations outside its natural market area. For purposes of the policy, Mutual’s natural market area is considered to be the same territory in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri served by our branch locations; in which the Association can safely and soundly choose to actively pursue loan business.

Even though an individual, business or other organization resides or does business in Mutual’s natural market area, Mutual’s policy is to decline a deposit account if there is no real or substantial banking relationship likely to develop in addition to the deposit account.

For a full text of our Out-Of-Market Deposit Policy, please contact us.