MSA Card Guard

MSA Card Guard gives you control over your Visa Debit card.  You install the app and register your card, and then you can control what types of transactions are allowed, from where the transactions may occur or even the dollar amount you wish to limit transactions to.  With the app you can disable the card when you don’t want it active and with a click of a button you can enable the card when you are ready to use it again.  Also you can receive live real time alerts on your phone whenever a transaction occurs on your card.  Peace of mind…you are in control.

Available in the Iphone Apps store and the Google Play store.  Search for “Mutual Savings Association” to locate “Card Guard” or “MSA Mobile” banking apps.  You can access the Card Guard app from within the MSA Mobile app, by clicking “My Cards” providing instant access with a single sign on.

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