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Life of loan servicing is something we at Mutual Savings are proud to provide for our clients. When you choose Mutual Savings for your lending needs, you are also choosing local support and dedicated specialists for the entire life-cycle of your loan.  This means you have the assurance should you ever have any questions or if a concern arises, the Loan Servicing team is here to help!

The Loan Servicing department at Mutual Savings is truly unique! Whether you’re making a mortgage or car payment, submitting construction draws or setting up automatic transfers – we are the real, local people on the other end of the line. I really enjoy being able to help and serve our clients and communities. – Alyssa N., Loan Servicing Specialist

I enjoy working in loan servicing for many reasons but I truly enjoy assisting clients.  The unique questions are always fun to address but I love talking to clients about their loans and home insurance related to their escrow.  The added bonus is working for a bank that always has the clients’ best interest at heart. – Kristine D., Loan Servicing Specialist

My favorite part about working in the Loan Servicing department here at Mutual Savings is the variety of resources we have to offer to our clients. Whether addressing a client’s question about their mortgage, helping them submit a payment, assisting them with their escrow account, or in the final step as they pay off their loan­­­­—I enjoy providing clients with the help they need.  – Kiran C., Loan Servicing Specialist

I currently work part-time, however there is so much more to a loan than what I realized. It has been interesting to learn about what is involved with life of loan servicing. Kaelyn H., Loan Servicing Clerk

I am thrilled to be a part of Mutual Savings Association! This is an institution which truly cares and strives to be extraordinary. The Loan Servicing team is genuinely dedicated to help our clients with any questions or concerns without the dreaded wait times, calling trees or not being able to get in touch with a REAL person. – Christy D., Loan Servicing Manager

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