Loan FAQs

How do we provide the best loan options?

Mutual Savings Association is a community bank focused on providing our clients with the best total value, not just the lowest rate. The rate we offer on a particular product may not always be the lowest rate available; however, rate is only one component of the cost of your mortgage loan. Our rates and closing costs are competitive with any lender in our market. When combined with our knowledgeable, experienced loan officers and life-of-loan local servicing, a Mutual Savings mortgage is without a doubt the best total value.

We would love to discuss value versus rate in more detail, and answer any question you have. Contact one of our loan officers and ask how a mortgage loan from Mutual Savings Association is different, and better.

Is there a fee charged or any other obligation if I complete the online application?

There’s no cost at all for completing our application.

Are we right for you?

Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, we’re certain you’ll find our service amazing!

If you’ll be purchasing but haven’t found the perfect home yet, complete our application and we’ll issue an pre-approval for a mortgage loan now with no obligation!

What is the maximum percentage of my home's value that I can borrow?

The maximum percentage of your home’s value depends on the purpose of your loan, how you use the property, and the loan type you choose, so the best way to determine what loan amount we can offer is to complete our online application or contact one of our loan professionals.

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