Visa Debit (ATM) Cards

MSA Visa Debit (ATM) Cards

If you have a checking account we have the Visa Debit card for you.  Use it for signature or PIN based transactions wherever Visa cards are accepted, and the funds come directly from your checking account. 

  • No card fees for Signature or PIN based transactions
  • Works as an ATM debit card for PIN based transactions

ATM/Visa Debit Card Self Select PIN

System generated PIN’s can sometimes be hard to remember.  You can select your own unique PIN at any time.  You may change your PIN by calling 1-800-992-3808.

Visa Account Updater

If it becomes necessary to reissue you a new card, the VISA account updater comes in to play.  Click here to see what you need to know about this automatic service and what you can do to stop it if you need to.